Monday, December 23, 2019

Cadence Records has a different approach

Most record labels make their products available on the various streaming platforms that have (for better or worse, generally the latter in terms of sound quality and artist compensation) become the way most people “consume” their music.

Cadence Records has a different approach: each item in their catalog is enrolled into the Witness Protection Program, shoved with a sack over its head into the back seat of a black SUV and 14-houred to a new life somewhere in the middle of Idaho.

That means that if you’d like to get just a taste of the Buffalo Jazz Octet’s “Live at Pausa,” a fucking great record that appeared on a number of national “Top Ten Releases” lists when it came out, you don’t go to Cadence’s website, where the CD is nowhere to be found.

Basically, if you don’t buy the CD at Amazon sight unseen and sound unheard, you’ll pretty much never encounter even a brief snippet of the damn record — at least until some Rogue Agent Who Ultimately Is Doing The Right Thing In This One Instance puts the entire CD on YouTube.

But in the meantime, here’s a marvelous track from the “Live at Pausa” sessions that didn’t make it onto the CD, and therefore can actually be heard and enjoyed by the teeming masses: Nelson Rivera’s “The Sun Giveth.”

If you’re wondering what the Buffalo Jazz Octet is all about, here you go! (And also, yeah, buy the CD from Amazon, it’s good…)