Saturday, January 1, 2011

My Jazz Highlights of 2010 #3:
Harder Bop plays Jazz@Unity Of Buffalo

Harder Bop is a hybrid group of some of my usual collaborators from What Would Mingus Do?, trumpeter Tim Clarke and pianist Michael McNeill, along with a couple of younger up-and-coming monsters: bassist Danny Ziemann, currently studying at Eastman, and drummer Russ Algera.

Like WWMD, Harder Bop plays my tunes. There's some overlap between the two groups in terms of personnel and even repertoire, but if I were forced to differentiate the two, I'd propose that What Would Mingus Do? is more hard-bop oriented while Harder Bop is perhaps a bit more likely to incorporate funk and free influences...

Dharma Brats
Jazz@Unity, Buffalo
October 3, 2010

Jazz@Unity Of Buffalo, a performance series created by Michael McNeill, is a welcome new jazz venue in Buffalo. I'm honored to have performed my music as part of this series, and I look forward to seeing where Michael's considerable creativity takes Jazz@Unity.

Danny Ziemann, Russ Algera, Michael McNeill, Kelly Bucheger, Tim Clarke


  1. Hey Kelly, love the awesome HB pic. Is that the "Plumber's Nightmare" posing with you and the guys?

  2. Hi John! Heck no, that no Plumber's Nightmare! -- that's my almost 70 year old TH&C alto: one of the greatest horns of all time! (I've also come to love my old Plumber's Nightmare -- I was wrong, and it/she waited patiently till I came around...